Painting Services

Before you start painting your house, let us help you by answering some of the frequently asked questions. Hopefully it helps you to make more informed decisions before engaging us or even if you decide to DIY.


  1. How many colours can I choose for my package?
    Ans: You can choose up to 4 colours for any package of your choice. We charge the same price for any number of colour selections. However, should you really wish to have more than 4 colours, it is negotiable for it to be included in the package. Subject to availability.
  2. Do i need to paint sealer for my house?
    Ans: We would recommend homeowners to get oil-based sealer for longer lasting paint. Oil-based sealer helps to prevent efflorescence (white powdery compound) from forming on your walls which are especially obvious on dark coloured wall. Efflorescence is a common problem for houses in Singapore, especially for older houses.
    It is important for consumers like you to have the knowledge on these tips and tricks to ensure that at the end of the day, the money you spent on painting do not go to waste.
    Sealer is strongly recommended if you find any of these defects appearing on your wall:

    • Flaking
    • Mouldy
    • Efflorescence
  3. I have defects on my walls, do you have any solutions for these?
    Ans: Yes, we do. Some of the common wall defects include fading, flaking, chalking of paints or holes & hairline cracks.
    Our packages are inclusive of fixing these issues:

    • Flaking
    • Hairline Cracks
    • Filing up of holes
  4. How long will the painting job take?
    • To put into perspective, a standard 4 room flat will take around 2-3 days for completion. However, the duration may vary depending on the following factors:
      1. The age of your house.
        Older houses would usually require more time to do patching.
      2. The original colour of your wall.
        If the original color is a dark tone, it is highly likely that we have to apply extra coats (sometimes up to 4-5 coats). Hence it might take extra 1-2 days for completion to ensure proper coverage.



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